PRNI Call for Papers

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Topics of Interest

PRNI welcomes original papers on multivariate predictive models of neuroimaging data, using e.g. fMRI, sMRI, EEG, MEG, ECoG modalities, including but not limited to the following topics:

Learning from neuroimaging data

  • Online, incremental, and adaptive learning
  • Modality combinations
  • Optimisation and regularisation
  • Graph-based techniques and graphical models

Interpretability of models and results

  • High-dimensional data visualisation
  • Multivariate and multiple hypothesis testing
  • Links between brain structure and function
  • Summarisation and presentation of inference results


  • Disease diagnosis and prognosis
  • Real-time fMRI
  • Resting-state modelling
  • Cognitive neurosciences

Important dates and deadlines

  • 5th of April, 2012 (extended): paper submission deadline
  • 7th of May, 2012: acceptance notification