PRoNTo Documentation


  • Here you can find PRoNTo's documentation, including peer-reviewed articles and the manual. We also provide links for third-party documentation on machine learning and neuroimaging methods. The manual provides a comprehensive list of PRoNTo's functionalities.


  • PRoNTo's manual is distributed with the software (PRoNTo/manual/prt_manual.pdf), which is written by the developers. It can also be downloaded from here.

How to cite:

    Using PRoNTo:
  • Schrouff J, Rosa MJ, Rondina JM, Marquand AF, Chu C, Ashburner J, Phillips C, Richiardi J, Mourao-Miranda J. PRoNTo: Pattern Recognition for Neuroimaging Toolbox. Neuroinformatics, 2013. Available here
  • PRoNTo version 2 (Summarization of the weights):
  • Schrouff J, Cremers J, Garraux G, Baldassarre L, Mourao-Miranda J, Phillips C. Localizing and Comparing Weight Maps Generated from Linear Kernel Machine Learning Models. International Workshop on Pattern Recognition in Neuroimaging (PRNI), 2013. Available here
  • PRoNTo version 2 (MKL):
  • Schrouff J, Monteiro, JM, Portugal L, Rosa MJ, Phillips C, Mourao-Miranda J. Embedding Anatomical or Functional Knowledge in Whole-Brain Multiple Kernel Learning Models Neuroinformatics, 2018. Available here
  • PRoNTo version 3 (to be released):
  • Schrouff J, Mourao-Miranda J, Phillips C, Parvizi J. Decoding intracranial EEG data with multiple kernel learning method. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 2016. Available here

  • Slides:

    Third party studies using PRoNTo:


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