Machine Learning and Neuroimaging Lab

Welcome to the website of Machine Learning and Neuroimaging Lab. Home of PRoNTo!

The aim of our lab is to develop mathematical models and tools for the application of novel machine learning techniques to the analysis of brain imaging data. We focus on the diagnosis and prognosis of psychiatric disorders and on understanding affective processing in normal and patients groups.

PRoNTo is a toolbox based on machine learning techniques for the analysis of neuroimaging data. The development of the toolbox has been supported by the PASCAL Harvest framework and The Wellcome Trust. PRoNTo should facilitate the interaction between machine learning and neuroimaging communities. On one hand the machine learning community will be able to contribute to the toolbox with novel published machine learning algorithms. On the other hand the toolbox will provide a variety of tools for the neuroscience and clinical neuroscience communities, enabling them to ask new questions that cannot be easily investigated using existing statistical analysis tools.